Re-thinking rotisserie cuisine.

Our Story

Turningfire is a new style of rotisserie kitchen that crosses all culinary borders and changes with the seasons. We specialize in gourmet horizontal and vertical rotisserie paired with the best locally-sourced produce, spices, grains, and fruits. We work only with ingredients we trust – those produced by family farms, local purveyors, and long-term partners. Set in a modern kitchen and stylish location, we’re creating something unique and delicious.

Our mission is to “re-think rotisserie.” We take a thoughtful approach to combining ingredients. Through research and practice, we develop 100% original recipes. Exotic spices, fruits, and herbs are balanced together with meats and fresh produce. This is clean, natural cooking designed to capture intense flavors through rotisserie roasting.

“I think careful cooking is love.”

– Julia Child

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